Lelan Vital Moor Mud Mask

I started this blog with the intention of reviewing beauty products. I was picking, waiting and analyzing a couple of beauty products and I think this will be a great product to start with. Lelan Vital Moor Mud mask! I got it from the local Cosway store. I absolutely love this mask. I love the fact that it is formed through the decomposition of more than hundred species of herbs, plant and flowers over thousand of years. It is a mud mask which comes with a herbal scent. Give me the feeling of ‘eau de naturale ‘. It is good for :

a) Acne

b) Ageing skin

c) Blackheads

d) Dermatitis

e) Dry Skin

f) Dark eye circle

g) Ezcema

h) Line and wrinkles

i) Malnourished skin

j) Oily skin

k) Psoriasis

l) Pigmentation

j) Sensitive skin

k) Sun damaged skin


This mask dries up in within 5-10 minutes. If you try putting it longer than the recommended time, it will be hard to wash it off. Once the mask dries up, you get some pulling sensation. If you plan to put the mask longer than the recommended time, I highly recommend you mix 1/2 teaspoon of honey with the mask before you put it on your face. This way the mask can sit on your face longer and that your skin could take a longer time to absorb the nourishment in the mask.

For those who have stubborn acne, you know those that you try to squeeze and nothing comes out but the red is still there, you can use this mask as spot treatment. Just dab some of the mask on your face after cleansing, toning and moisturizing before bed time. You will wake up with the zits size and redness decrease.

For those who suffer hair loss due to oily scalp, you can literally use this mask as a scalp mask. Just part your hair and apply some into your hair before washing. It picks up the oil residue while nourishing your hair follicle. Once the mask dries up you can wash it with your conventional shampoo.


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